Theater and ME (Teātris un ES) is a project theatre, which most of the time is the one that goes to meet its audience. The target audience of our theatre are children and their parents. One of the most important tasks of our theatre is to stimulate the creative and fantasy world of children. To develop creative skills of a child. To make independent decisions. To have the possibility to sympathize with the characters. That is why we so often include our audience into the play. At the moment our repertoire consists of more than 14 plays. Various themes, different genre, plays for different ages. Our repertoire is a proof of our professionality, systematic work, creative quests and willingness to reach new goals.


Who in the forest says Oh-Oh? and Puppy and Kitty are vibrant and fun plays, which are created for both children and their parents. Plays include a lot of music, funny and comic situations. The language of both plays is easy to comprehend. The main characters communicate through the universal language of theatre – postures, sounds, noises, movements, mise-en-scènes. Characters of the play are modern and recognizable. Plays can be watched by audiences from various nations.